Rural India to Drive Baby Care Market

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Published: 13th January 2011
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Rural market is an important part of the Indian baby care market for all the companies across the country, according to our latest research report "Indian Baby Care Market Analysis". More than 70% of consumers reside in rural areas and almost 50% of the national income is generated here. Our study indicates that the consumer base for baby care products in rural areas in India is expected to reach around 109 Million by 2015.

The report identifies that a vast prospect population will provide enough growth opportunities to new and existing players and will position India as one of the world’s biggest and fast growing baby care markets. In addition, the government support to agriculture and rural economy will create a profitable downstream opportunity for the baby care industry. As the government supports the rural employment schemes like NAREGA, it provides rural consumers an opportunity to earn more and empower them to spend more. On the back of these developments, we expect that the rural market will trigger growth in this industry during the coming years.

Besides, we have done an extensive research and prudent analysis of the Indian Baby Care market to understand the factors that will continue to serve as growth drivers for the industry during the coming years. We have identified that various factors such as, growing income level, increasing general awareness, and shift in consumer preference will propel the growth of Indian baby care industry.

Our comprehensive report "Indian Baby Care Market Analysis" provides a deep insight into the Indian Baby Care market and evaluates different market segments such as, Baby Food, Massage oil, Skin, Diapers, and Hair care. It discusses information on market performance, recent market developments, and trends for all these market segments. Most importantly, the report presents business profile and strategic moves of the leading players of the Indian baby care industry. In addition, the report provides future outlook for all the important aspects of the industry considering the effects of global economic crisis on base drivers, opportunities, and challenges faced by the Indian baby care industry.

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